Welcome Guide

Information for Boeing Employees and Their Families

Thank you for joining the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network

The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network (ACN) brings together the skills, services and geographic reach of exceptional healthcare professionals and organizations throughout the Puget Sound region. The network offers the most comprehensive range of healthcare services in the region, from preventive and primary care to the most advanced and highly specialized care.

Patient- and family-centered care

The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network delivers a patient-centered approach to healthcare that prioritizes the patient experience. Our members — ranging from primary care providers to world-class specialists — work together as a team, coordinating and sharing information to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Our work includes specific performance measurements – including patient satisfaction – to ensure that we deliver appropriate, quality care for all patients. The result is healthcare that meets your needs – including a trusted relationship with a skilled primary care provider, convenience scheduling appointments and the security of being able to see a healthcare professional on short notice. For more complex needs, you have access to a full team of specialists who are leaders in their fields.

The most comprehensive healthcare system in Washington

The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network offers a comprehensive range of services – from preventive and primary outpatient care to advanced specialty care in adult and pediatric hospitals.

Spanning many cities and neighborhoods in the Puget Sound region, the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network gives you access to:

The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network includes:


Primary care providers








Urgent care clinics


Emergency departments

The Boeing Company Preferred Partnership Option

All services are available through the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network Contact Center. Call +1.855.520.7800 to schedule appointments or contact your healthcare team.

The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network has partnered with The Boeing Company to design a healthcare option specifically to meet the needs of eligible Boeing employees and their families.

The Boeing Preferred Partnership Plan is available in the Puget Sound region for non-union Boeing employees and their covered dependents, employees represented by the SPEEA Union & SPEEA Pilot/Instructors Unit (SPIU) and their covered dependents, and employees represented by the International Union of Operating Engineers Power Plant (IUOE 286 PP) and their covered dependents. Retirees of the groups listed above and their dependents are also eligible if not covered by Medicare; those covered by Medicare are not eligible for the Preferred Partnership options.

For information about your eligibility and benefits, please visit Boeing TotalAccess online, or call +1 866.473.2016 to speak with a Boeing TotalAccess representative.

A commitment to primary care

Primary care is the centerpiece of your healthcare experience. A primary care provider (PCP) is the first medical professional you will consult for most medical problems. In addition, a PCP delivers essential preventive care that can help you stay healthy and out of the hospital by screening for and treating conditions early – before they become a bigger problem. With more than 1,200 primary care providers across the Puget Sound region, the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network makes it easy to select the PCP who is right for you and your family. For more information about what to consider when choosing your PCP, please refer to the Primary Care section within this Welcome Guide.

Our Service Coverage

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All services are available through a single, centralized contact center. You and your family can dial one number — the UW Medicine Contact Center (+1.855.520.7800) — to schedule appointments or contact members of their healthcare team.

Through the UW Medicine Contact Center, you will receive:

  • Appointments with specialists within three days for urgent needs
  • A concierge service available by phone, email or web to help you access various health resources
  • A dedicated phone number for scheduling appointments, specific to your company
  • Same or next-day appointments for primary care

The UW Medicine Contact Center is here to assist you, it is open Monday-Saturday – 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Closed Sundays



Through the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network, you can speak with a registered nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week and get immediate, professional advice on your health questions. Our nurses can help you decide whether to see your doctor, go to the emergency room, or care for yourself at home.



Through the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network, you will receive a bill from the member hospital or clinic where you received your care. You may also receive a bill from the provider depending on the type of care you have received. If you have any questions about your bill, please call the UW Medicine Contact Center (+1.855.520.7800) for assistance.